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Year 2K

Welcome to Year 2K

Your Teacher is Miss Murphy

Your Teaching Assistants are Miss Ricketts, Mrs Bradley and Mrs Higgins

In Year 2K we love to read every day!
We take home a reading book once a week, and one lucky member of our class gets to take home our class reading suitcase and teddy on Friday.

Days to remember
Wednesdays – Please bring your P.E kit and reading books.
Fridays – Homework and reading books are sent home.

Platinum Jubilee

On Thursday 26th June we celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in School. We enjoyed a special jubilee lunch and joined in with lots of party games with the whole school. We liked wearing our blue, white and red clothes for the day too. Within the week, we joined in with a Live Draw Along on Youtube with author and illustrator Steve Antony. He shown us how to draw the queen, a corgi and a swan from his book. We also created some queen’s guardsmen using lots of crafts.


Eid Mubarak

We had an amazing party celebrating Eid with both year 2 classes. We thank our parents for providing scrumptious homemade cooked food. We enjoyed dancing to music and learning about the Islam festival.

Summer 1 & 2

Wednesday 20th April – Thursday 26th May, Tuesday 7th June – Wednesday 20th July


Stories with familiar settings, communication, fantasy worlds and information texts

Children will:

  • Connect and explore the central themes of communication by drawing links between texts.
  • Explore character’s motivations, thoughts feelings, speech, and actions.
  • Examine how personal writing conveys mood.
  • Explore the different forms of communication appropriate for different situations.
  • Recognise formal and informal language and understand that formality is dependent on context.
  • Connect and explore central themes of envy and courage.
  • Explore features of different fantasy settings.
  • Use drama to explore motivations behind behaviour and action.
  • Read and identify key points about chocolate and how it is made.
  • Explore the features of information texts and how information located.
  • Consider the way information is presented to engage the audience.


Fractions, position and direction, time, problem solving methods, weight, volume and temperature

Children will:

  • Apply their multiplication and division skills with fractions.
  • Learn about parts and wholes of numbers and shapes and will then learn more about specific fractions, halves and quarters.
  • Learn about how to use positional language in maths; under, next to, behind, on top of.
  • Use left, right, forwards and backwards to describe movement of shapes and objects. We will look at making turns in quarters, halves and a full turn to change the orientation of shapes and objects.
  • Continue to work on the 4 calculation operations in maths (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and will refine our problem solving methods covering mental methods and written methods of calculating.
  • Use different tools to help us such as a 100 square, number facts and missing number sentences.
  • Learn to read the time to half past, o’clock, quarter to and quarter past the hour as well as to 5 minutes on an analogue face.
  • Develop their understanding of measurement by looking at capacity and volume of liquids, how heavy or light things are and read scales on thermometers.


Treasure Island

Children will:

  • Explore how islands became increasingly connected and how they sold their resources to others,
  • Look at the challenges of transporting goods across the seas and oceans and how this was threatened by nature and by people… pirates!
  • Be geographers and cartographers as well as artists and designers.


We Are What We Eat

Children will:

  • Learn about the vital role of food in sustaining human life,
  • Learn about the importance in history and culture throughout the world,
  • Study the different types and amounts of food our bodies need so that we can plan healthier diets and enjoy healthier lives.


Islam and Hajj

Children will:

  • Learn about a new religion; Islam,
  • Learn about the importance of the mosque in the Muslim faith and will look at how it provides a sense of community and belonging to Muslims,
  • Learn about Hajj and discuss if completing this makes someone a better Muslim.


Relationships and changing me

Children will:

  • Tackle topics such as friendships and what it means to make friends,
  • Solve problems when they arise in friendships and showing respect to others,
  • Discuss how to make people feel part of a group and how to help others when they feel upset,
  • Learn about life cycles, growing from young to old and changing bodies.


Friendship song and reflect, rewind and replay

Children will:

  • Learn about improvisation,
  • Using their voices and instruments to recall,
  • Listen to western classical musical
  • Think about the history of music.


Children will:

  • Learn about the first person
  • Use past tense
  • Use conjunctions
  • Discuss present tense


Children will:

  • Horizontally join to and from f to ascender
  • Follow joins: qu, rr, ss, ff
  • Practice capital letter: height of ascenders and capitals


Children will:

  • Participate in athletics 
  • Join in with team games


Spring Two

Monday 28th February – Friday 1st April




Manchester Airport

For our exit point in IPC, we went on a school trip on Friday 22nd April to the Runway Visitor Park at Manchester Airport. We went inside the cabin of a DC10 aircraft and role played situations and jobs at the airport. We identified parts of an aeroplane and looked at examples of different aircrafts. We even got the chance to visit the flight deck. We loved watching all the aircrafts take off on their journeys from the airport.


Reading Day – Friday 18th February 2022

This terms reading day theme was “Knights and Fairytales”.

We started our day in a whole school assembly where we were able to see everybodys costumes. Everybody looked amazing! We have been looking at the story “The Princess and the Pea”. We have been making predictions on what we think will happen next in the story, used Twitter to send questions to the author, Mini Grey, a word hunt for ‘ea’ sounds and been creating mattress art.

We also had a ‘teacher swap’ where we were lucky to have Mr Bowden, who was dressed as Pinnochio, from Year 1 read us a story. We loved it!