School Day

Nursery Timetable

8.45amSession starts for AM and FT pupils
8.50am-11.45am Early Years Sessions
11.45amAM session ends / Lunch for full time pupils
12.30pmSession starts for PM pupils / End of lunch
12.35-3.25pmEarly Years Sessions
3.30pmEnd of school day

Reception Timetable

8.50amSchool Starts
8.50am Early Years Lessons
1.00pmEarly Years Lessons
3.15pmEnd of the School Day

Key Stage 1 & 2 Timetable

8.50amSchool Starts
8.50amSession 1
10.30am Break
10.50amSession 2
12.50pm Lunch
1.30pm Session 3
3.15pmEnd of the School Day