Resource Provision – 2RP

Welcome to 2RP

Welcome to our classroom! In 2RP we are all unique and wonderful!

Our teacher is called Mrs Aamir and we have got 2 amazing Teaching Assistants called Miss Willis and Miss Brookes.

We love learning, laughing and growing together. In 2RP we are always working hard and having fun.

We try to promote as much independence in the classroom as possible – this is done by using our “See What’s Next” strips. Each child has an individual strip with their picture on top and they must complete an activity based on the icon that is now and next.

  1. Honey: complete Learning Goal with Teacher
  2. Flower: recap on previous learning with Teaching Assistant
  3. Independent: Work on a Chromebook completing tasks set by the teacher independently
  4. Choose: Choose an activity allocated by the teacher to complete once all tasks have been complete


All work is differentiated based on each individual child and their ability. Our classroom is a safe, fun and inclusive environment that takes into consideration each individual needs of all of our children as well as ensuring that our children are healthy and happy!

We hope to see you soon!