School Uniform

At Gorton Primary School we have high expectations of our pupils and their uniform. Outsiders often judge a school by the appearance of its pupils in public. Wearing a uniform encourages a feeling of security and gives a sense of belonging to a community. At Gorton Primary School we do not expect our pupils to wear branded school jumpers or cardigans. Our expected uniform is:

  • Blue jumper/cardigan
  • black/grey trousers/skirt
  • black shoes

To purchase branded school uniform please come to the school office and fill an order form in with our school administrator. All uniform is ordered through school and when it is ready you will receive a text from school to come and pick it up. We do stock a limited number of school items in the office but the majority of uniform will need to be ordered. If you wish to purchase non-branded school items please visit our nearest supermarket (TESCO) where you can purchase blue jumpers or cardigans, blue checked summer dresses and black/grey skirts and trousers. We also ask that pupils wear plain black shoes or boots. Second hand clothing can be purchased from the school at a significantly reduced rate, however stock are low. If you wish to donate your unwanted school  uniform to the school please contact the school office.

Please see below for our uniform/price list.

Sweat Pants£5.00
PE Bag £3.00
Book Bag£3.50

Please click the link below to find the school uniform order form.