Meet The Staff


CEOMrs J Albertina
Principal (SLT)Mrs Adams-McCoy
Deputy Principal (SLT)Miss A Brady
Assistant Principal (SLT)Mrs H James
Early Years Lead (MLT)Mrs L Jones
KS1 Lead (MLT)Mrs G Largent
KS2 lead (MLT)Mrs H James

Teaching Staff

ClassTeacherTeaching Assistant
Nursery Miss N MaleMiss S Ricketts
Reception JMrs L JonesMrs T Egan
Reception PMiss A PervezMrs K Lucas
Year 1AMiss L ArnoldTBC
Year 1HMiss E HughesMrs J Bradley
Year 2WMr J WrigleyMrs A Waterhouse
Year 2LMrs G L`argentMiss C Eyre
Year 3BMr S BowdenMrs V Hunter
Year 3HMiss C HollanderMrs V Hunter
Year 4JMrs H JamesMiss A Shanley
Year 4SMiss L SullivanMiss H Daniels
Year 5WMiss E WittichMrs H Woods
PPA CoverMiss C Roddy
PPA CoverMiss L Aslam
PPA CoverMiss G Shaw

SEND Support Staff

SEND 1:1 TAMrs G Higgins
SEND 1:1 TAMiss R Maguire
SEND 1:1 TAMiss G Taylor
SEND 1:1 TAMiss S Ginty
SEND 1:1 TAMiss G Hayes
SEND 1:1 TAMiss G Haughton
SEND 1:1 TAMiss S Mirza
SEND 1:1 TAMrs E Mohammadi
SEND 1:1 TAMiss E Godfrey
SEND 1:1 TAMrs L Raftery

Office Staff

AdministratorMiss R Dunning
AdministratorMiss B Eaton
DSL/Learning Mentor Miss A Hyde
SENCOMr S Bowden
Site ManagerMr D Simmons

Resource Provision / Annex

We are currently in the process of building our resource provision, providing specialist care for our SEND pupils. We believe that all pupils, regardless of their needs should be able to access a broad and balanced curriculum, and reach their full learning potential at our school.

Vice PrincipalMrs K Williams
SEND AdministratorMiss B Eaton
Class TeacherMrs S Amir
Class TeacherMrs S O`Callaghan
Teaching AssistantMiss K Broderick
Teaching AssistantMiss C Willis
Teaching AssistantMiss D Power
Teaching AssistantMiss L Brookes

Lunchtime Organisers

LOMrs J Bradley
LOMrs K Lucas
LOMiss G Higgins
LOMiss G Taylor
LOMiss G Hayes
LOMiss A Shanley
LOMr D Simmons
LOMiss D Way
LOMrs M Coyne
LOMiss H Cody
LOMrs E Mohammadi
LOMiss S Mirza
LOMrs L Raftery
LOMiss R Maguire
LOMiss G Haughton