For information about how we are keeping our staff and our children safe during the Covid-19 crisis, please see our Covid-19 Trust Support page


Individual Reading

At least once a week your child will be listened to read by the Class Teacher or Teaching Assistant. We have a range of Fiction and Non-Fiction books which the children choose. The children will be asked questions to check their understanding of the book. We like to write comments in the children’s reading records and we encourage parents to write comments in these books when they have heard their child read too. Reading books are only changed when we think the child fully understands the book they are reading, We use a range of reading schemes to support individual Reading such as:

  • Oxford Reading Tree
  • Bug Club
  • Phonics Bug

Guided Reading

As well as individual reading at least once a week, Teachers also listen to children read during Guided Reading. These are 30 minute daily Guided Reading sessions where the children read a range of books, both Fiction and Non Fiction to their Class Teacher. The children complete a range of activities during their daily Guided Reading sessions, and spend 1 session a week reading with the Class Teacher. We have a range of Reading schemes for Guided Reading to try to offer our children a breadth of Reading material. For Guided Reading we use:

  • Bug Club
  • Collins Big Cats

School Library

Here at Gorton we recently purchased a small age appropriate school library. We are very proud of our small library and are now keen to fill it with even more books, which we will be doing over the next academic year. We are limited to the amount of books in our library due to limited space in our temporary accommodation. We have a range of fiction and non-fiction books that will interest you, as well as special books that will help you with your topic. Very shortly you will be able to take books from our library home with you.